Master Bathroom Renovation Reveal

Master Bathroom Renovation Reveal



Posted by Alicia Sell

It is the moment that I hope you have been waiting for and that I secretly worried would never get here…  The bathroom renovation is complete!

Before we begin with the before and after pictures, I have to give a special shout-out to the hubs, Randall. This literally could not have been possible without him.  He is a hard worker, exceedingly talented and very, very patient.  We dream these things up and he makes it become a reality.  We make a good team and it is nice that doing projects together is something we enjoy.  He did take issue with some of my painting techniques at various times, but overall we got along splendidly.  He is the best!

Okay sappy stuff over.  On to the reveal!

Bathroom – Before Pictures

Before we get to the big reveal, let’s start with the before pictures.  As I said in my previous post, the bathroom wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t great either.  It was beige – very, very beige.

iphone pics 111

We really thought painting the cabinets would improve the bathroom (painting tips here).  It did improve the cabinet tremendously, but it actually made us realize how dingy everything else was.

Renovation Budget

We set a budget of $3,000 and made a list of needs and wants (budget planning and Pinspiration photos here.) Then, in what felt like a whirlwind, we redid the bathroom.

So without further ado, here is how the bathroom turned out.

The Big Reveal!


Voila! Master Bathroom Reveal

To put it simply, I love it.  I am so proud of what we were able to create on a budget.  It is a good mix of what inspired us with a dash of our personal style.  It is light and bright and clean.  Most importantly, it is 100% more functional.


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Let’s review some of my favorite parts of the renovation.


The floor turned out amazing!  I really wanted long narrow marble tiles, but we settled for the squares because it was less expensive and I decided we should stagger them for interest. Randall was a good sport about it because it was a lot more work but he did a great job.

The color variations are beautiful.  With a really good sealer applied every couple of months they will keep nice and clean.


One of the biggest issues in the bathroom had been poor lighting.  Now the room is very bright and has purposeful, directed lighting.  The ceiling pendants were a favorite find.  Aren’t they pretty?  We also had the vanity lighting rewired so we could have two individual lights instead of one.  You can actually see your face clearly now.   It’s amazeballs (favorite word this month)!



In my previous post about the bathroom renovations I mentioned we had some trouble with purchasing the right fixtures for the sinks.  I also bought the budget busting bathtub faucet from Wayfair.  Even though there were some brief setbacks, I love what we ended up with.



I thought the bathtub faucet was unnecessary, but every time we show the bathroom to people they comment on the bathtub faucet.  It is one of the first things you notice, so in the end it was worth it.  Special thanks to our amazing plumber, Marco Plumbing & Handyman Service, who helped us install it – it was a challenge!

Wall Treatments

So, we have never planned nor intended to do any type of wall treatment.  But after we got the room painted, we stood back and both realized it was missing something.  The ceiling is so high and the room felt very cold and empty.  We stewed over it for a couple of days and after talking with Abby and Katie (our Button Jar consultants) we decided that shiplap would be an affordable solution to help break up the vertical space.

I was initially against it because it felt very trendy to me, but I have to tell you I LOVE it in this space.  It really warmed up the room, added some texture and interest, but still kept the space light and airy.  I am now a shiplap convert.

We put these hooks on the wall – one for each of us – and it is at a height everyone can reach.  They work splendidly.  The kids still test the boundaries of how little fabric you can hang on the hook without it falling off, but they still hang them up so that is a victory in my book!


We also built this nifty little shelf for only $15!  It was very easy. I will share the details of how we made the shelf and on how easy and inexpensive it is to install the shiplap in future posts.


You see that shiny new toilet?  That was Randall’s splurge for the bathroom.  At first I said no because I wanted to stick to the budget but he was pretty insistent (he said we had weak flushing toilets.)  So I gave in and let me tell you, modern flushing technology is fantastic.  Money well spent.

DIY Artwork

Finally, I did this little art project using an antique frame I found at one of my favorite new stores in Roanoke, Shabby Love.  I love paper and have way too much of it sitting around, so I put it to good use and made a paper quilt.  It adds an unexpected pop of color to warm up a space.



So…since I brought up budget…did we stay within our $3,000 goal?

Uhm, well……no.  No, we did not.

The bathtub faucet and commode put us over.  Also, even if you have all the tools in the world, you still end up having to buy little things at Lowe’s that add up.  In the end, I wish we had been closer to the budget, but I think the extras were money well spent and we are both happy with it.  We came in at $3,600.

So that’s the bathroom.  I hope you enjoyed it!  Now excuse me while I go take a bubble bath.

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14 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Renovation Reveal

  1. Alix says:

    Looks fabulous! Come do mine, please. I really love what you’ve done. The only thing that doesn’t seem to fit is the DIY rustic frame over the tub. I would recommend either a black-and-white photograph or an inexpensive print of an impressionist painting (I.e. Van Gogh’s sunflowers).

    Great work!!

  2. Joey Klein says:

    If you are going to throw around language like amazeballs you need to include nsfw in the title, I thought this was a family friendly blog. I kid, it looks awesome Alicia (and Randall). We are thinking about doing shiplap in part of our house so you need to do the post about that soon.

    • arsell58 says:

      Ha! We will keep in family friendly, Joey :). I will post the details about installing ship lap next week. It was really easy and inexpensive. Your house renovations look so great! I have been looking at all the pictures as Ramy posts them. You are doing a great job!

    • arsell58 says:

      Hi Helen! Thanks for your kind note. My husband, Randall, and I did the majority of the work ourselves. We did have to hire and plumber and an electrician to help us with a couple of small projects that we couldn’t do ourselves. Doing the work ourselves really helped save money!

  3. Meg | Hello Farmhouse says:

    What an amazing transformation! The half shiplap wall is incredible, and I love that shelf! You guys did an awesome job!

    • arsell58 says:

      Thank you, Meg! I was worried I wouldn’t be crazy about the shiplap but I absolutely love it. The shelf was such an easy project and I will post the how-to later this month.

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