10 Fun Activities for Your Summer Bucket List

10 Fun Activities for Your Summer Bucket List


Posted by Katie Gambone

Summer is finally here!  Now that I have a little guy, I feel like I need to be really intentional about my time with him to make sure we make the most of our summer or time will pass us by.

I’ve heard from a few friends that each year they create a “summer bucket list.”  It helps set the tone for the summer and creates buy-in from everyone for what fun is in store in the weeks ahead.  You can make your own summer bucket list by literally just making  a quick list in a notebook, or you do can something creative.  Here are two cute ideas for documenting your summer bucket list (pictures below).  The first is a cute Popsicle bucket list from Poofy Cheeks.  The second is a chalkboard bucket list from Life Love Larson that makes me want to walk up and check off one of those activities myself!

Anyway, I have several items on our summer bucket list already like reading new stories, teaching Matteo to walk (this one is now checked off the list – way to go kid!!), going to the beach, having a breakfast picnic in the Azalea Garden, visiting the Philadelphia Zoo, and more).

As I was compiling my list, I found these 10 really, really fun ideas for summer activities for kids of any age and I just had to share them with you.   I hope that you like these as much as I do and add some of them to your own summer bucket list.  Happy playing!

10 Fun Summer Activities for Kids of Any Age

1. Make Your Own Outdoor Playhouse

Um, I want to live in this little house myself.  This idea from The House of Wood is so cute!  I don’t have a yard yet, but if I ever get one, this may be on Carlo’s list of things to build.  Visit the The House of Wood blog for step-by-step instructions.

Playhouse 2

2. Water Balloon Pinatas

Water balloon pinatas are sure to cool you and your kids off this summer and elicit a serious amount of giggles.  It makes me smile just looking at the picture below.  I found this idea posted on Bees and Roses.

Water balloon Pinata

3. Stargazing

Warmish summer nights are perfect for stargazing – so magical.  The writers from Family Days Tried and Tested have taken this idea up a notch by creating a comfortable viewing bed out of a blow-up pool, blankets and pillows.

Star gazing

4. Backyard Glow Stick Games

Here is another fun nighttime activity – this time from Listolic.  If your kids are still awake when it’s dark (my guy goes to bed at 7:30 right now) backyard glow stick games are a fun way to replace TV watching one evening.

Backyard glow stick games

5. DIY Felt Ball Coasters

This crafty idea is from HGTV and is a great activity for rainy days.  Instructions are on their website.

DIY Felt Ball Coasters

6. Make Your Own Tent for Outdoor Camping

This is another fantastic idea that I found on Bees and Roses.  Camping is always fun, but making your own tent is even better.  The homemade tent in the picture below is boho-chic meets glamping.  I love it.

Create Your Own Outdoor Tent

7. Berry Picking

Find a local orchard for a morning or afternoon of berry picking!  Then head home to make a special recipe together.  Fruit cobbler with ice cream anyone?  I found this idea on The Dating Divas blog.


8. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Here is another great idea from Listolic – a nature scavenger hunt.  Kids love exploring and this is a terrific way to get them thinking and learning about nature.  Burning some energy to make nap time a little easier doesn’t hurt either.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

9. Marble Race

Pool noodles have sooooo many different uses.  Listotic shared this cute idea for cutting the noodle in half to make a track for marble races. Not only will your kids love racing marbles, but they will have fun helping you make this project as well.

Marble Race

10. Outdoor Movie Theater

And last but not least, the final idea for your summer bucket list from Bees and Roses is making your own cozy outdoor movie theater  with a sheet.  Check it out.

Outdoor Movie

That’s it!  If you have a great idea for a summer activity with kids, let us know in the comments section or send us an email at buttonjar3@gmail.com.

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