DIY Paper Quilt Project

DIY Paper Quilt Project


Posted by Alicia Sell

Quilt_PinWhen I remodeled the bathroom (okay when I supervised Randall remodeling the bathroom) I wanted some artwork that was unique, bright and colorful.  I looked at lots of different stores but everything I found was too neutral, too small or too expensive.  Then one day I was shopping at my new favorite store, Shabby Love. I found an old frame and I knew I wanted to use it for a special project.

So, I went home and looked through my mountain of overflowing paper (because I am obsessed with beautiful paper) and decided I would make a paper quilt.  I have never quilted before and I wasn’t sure if it would work out, but I have to say it was easier to make than I thought it would be and it turned out great!  The paper was very inexpensive and if you like to scrapbook, chances are you have all of these supplies on hand.

Paper Quilt Supplies


Paper (heavier weight paper works best, but some of the paper was very thin).  Make sure that the paper is acid free and color fast (meaning the ink won’t run).  You can use as many types of paper as you would like, but I limited my sheets to 6 different prints.
Glue and/or spray adhesive
Gorilla Glue
Monogram letter (I found mine at Michael’s)
Cutting Mat
Rotary Paper Trimmer (Optional)
Plywood (or foam board)
Bone folder (optional)

Paper Quilt Instructions

1. Measure the back of the picture frame opening where your quilt will show.  Cut the plywood or foam board to the size of the opening.

2. You can cut the squares to whatever size you want. The size of the squares determines how many colored sheets you need for your project.  I chose to make my squares 4×4.  Using the scissors or rotary paper trimmer cut the paper.


3. Once you have your stack of squares finished, flip the paper over so that it is face down. On each of the four corners, make a pencil mark 1 inch in from each corner.  Repeat for all of pieces of paper.


4. Once all of the corners are marked, cut each of the corners off .

5. With the paper face down, fold each side of the paper back. Use the bone folder to make the folders very crisp.  If you don’t have a bone folder, you can use a pen to smooth the folds down. Repeat for all sides.


6. Now lay the paper out in the pattern that you would like. I switched mine around about 5 times before I was happy with how it turned out.  I also am neurotic about making sure no two sheets got lined up together.  The beauty is you can lay it out any way you would like!  Once you come up with your layout, carefully flip them over so you can glue your quilt together.


7. Using either a spray adhesive or regular school glue, glue each of the paper to each other. Don’t make the glue too thick because it can make the paper too soft and susceptible to tears.  Allow the glue to dry for about 30 minutes.



8. Use the bone folder to smooth the backs down so that the back is completely flat.

9. Using a spray adhesive, evenly spray the back of the paper quilt and then adhere it to the foam board or plywood. Allow time for it to dry thoroughly.


10. Use Gorilla Glue on the back of the monogram letter and then adhere it to the paper quilt. You only get once chance for this step, so choose wisely!


And there you have it – a personalized monogram paper quilt! Enjoy!




Notice that cute floating shelf in the background?  That only cost$15 to make!  The instructions for making the shelf are also on the blog!

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