Plans for A New Playroom

Plans For A New Playroom


Posted by Katie Gambone

We are honored to have been asked to help with a very special design project by one of our very best friends – Tina Repice.  Many of you may already know Tina because she was a guest chef a few months ago.  You can learn more about Tina and also try out her delicious ChickenTaco Soup by clicking here.  Anyway, when Tina asked for help converting her dining room into a playroom for her fabulous girls, Tabitha and Marlena, we said “Absolutely!”

Here’s a quick shot of what the room currently looks like.


I went over to the Repice homestead for a visit and “consultation” to hear what the girls wanted their playroom to look like.  Tabitha said she wanted it to be pretty and that she loved the chandelier and wanted to please keep it (all while she was trying to do a handstand).  Marlena told me she loves the color black.  A lot.  Eric, Tina and Tabitha confirmed this was true.  Tina, thinking a little more practically about the space, shared the following reflections/hopes in no particular order:

  • I want to contain their toys in this space.  Right now they play in here a lot anyway, but they have toys scattered throughout the house.
  • The girls play with their toys sometimes but mostly color and love creating artwork so they could use a dedicated space in the playroom to do that.  Right now, it usually happens on the floors or…the walls.
  • We need a new light fixture (sorry Tabitha).
  • I have my mom’s dining room furniture in this space but it just doesn’t fit.  The table and chairs will be sold. The china cabinet needs some repairs.  I’m not sure what to do with it.  Everything else can go.  We moved here a year ago and all of our “fine china” is still packed because we don’t use it very often.
  • We can paint the space if you want to.
  • I’m excited to see what you come up with.

So here are the idea boards.  I’m going to show them to you first and then explain.



Basics of how the room will function

We are going to paint the back wall of the room with chalkboard paint (paying tribute to Marlena’s favorite color – black.)  It will  also give the girls plenty of safe and dedicated space to create wall murals.

We will paint the rest of the walls in the space white so that it doesn’t feel like a cave.  The accent colors will be a fun teal color and some pinks and purples.  It will be a fun and colorful playroom but not so little kiddish that adults won’t enjoy being in the space too.

We are going to replace the light fixture with something a little more modern.  Tina picked this mason jar light fixture. Really, really cute.


This will be centered over a new, round white table and four white chairs that will serve as the girls coloring spot and art center. We found this fantastic carpet to help anchor the table and add a splash of color.


We will give the china cabinet a new life by painting it teal and wallpapering the inside with a bright pattern (see idea boards above).  This will serve as a great spot for storing away toys and art supplies at the end of the day and will also double as a display case for Tabitha and Marlena’s artworks.

On the wall opposite the china cabinet we will create a little canopy marketplace out of a fun fabric to pull together all of the girls kitchen and marketplace toys.

And lastly, to give each of the girls their own “special zones” in the playroom, we will create window bench seats under the two windows on the chalkboard wall.  The window bench seats will be based on a project Abby did earlier this year, which you can see here.  Each window bench will also have cute throw pillows that reflect the girls personality.   They will have a second dedicated space on the walls opposite the window bench seats, which will have shallow bookshelves for books.  Over each set of shelves, we will place a cute monogram so that they know which is which.


And that’s it.  There’s plenty of projects to tackle.  Here is a shot of Tina sanding down the china cabinet for painting.  And I can report that the chalkboard wall is complete as well.


We’ll keep you posted as the room progresses.  We’re excited to see how it comes together!

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