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Who Should Follow Button Jar and Why

Button Jar is a lifestyle blog for creative folks, organization fanatics, organization wannabes, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and forward thinkers. The purpose of Button Jar is to share the experiences and ideas of people who strive every day to create warmth, welcome and love in their lives and to learn from and inspire others. At Button Jar, you can expect to hear honest reports on our successful and sometimes not-so-successful attempts to be domestic goddesses while at the same time working full-time and raising our respective families. If you enjoy reading and experimenting with creating beautiful spaces, making delicious food, and exploring and sharing all of the interesting things going on in the world around us, then Button Jar is the perfect blog for you!

Button Jar Focus

Button Jar will feature three new posts each week about a variety of topics: DIY projects, home design and decoration, organization tips, inspiring people, fun things to do with kids, recipes, and so much more! Each month we will also feature a creative contest where we ask our readers to share their ideas.

Button Jar is a conversation. We ask our readers to comment on the stories we post with ideas that they think may help us and fellow Button Jar readers. The Button Jar Creative Crew uses reader input to streamline our content and add new topics based on what readers want to hear.

Why Button Jar?

mom, abkatal, little girls

We chose Button Jar for our blog name for a couple of reasons. One is personal. Growing up, our mom kept a button jar on the first stair leading to the basement. It was a standard mason jar with a twist lid, and she used it to collect all of the extra buttons that came with new clothes and/or buttons that came loose in the laundry. As kids we enjoyed running our hands through the buttons and admiring the different colors, textures and sizes. Our mom was a pro at creating a sense of comfort and home and the button jar always makes us think of her and how we grew up. Button Jar is also symbolic. IAbout Us Paget symbolizes all of the colorful people, places, and ideas that we love and encapsulates them in a pretty, transparent container (our blog) for our readers to see and add to.

Just as our mom filled her button jar over the years, we are adding to ours each day.


Subscribe and Contribute to Button Jar

Button Jar readers can subscribe to our blog to receive all the latest posts. If you aren’t sure how to leave us feedback on blog posts, Button Jar also has a Facebook page, a Pinterest page, and an Instagram account where you can connect with us and the Button Jar community. You can also reach the Button Jar Creative Crew at buttonjar3@gmail.com.

About the Creative Crew

To learn about Abby, Katie and Alicia, visit the Creative Crew page under About Us.