Fall Home Tour 2016: Alicia’s Home


Posted by Alicia Sell

Happy Fall, Y’all! (This is the Southern lady in me coming out.)  Isn’t is beautiful outside?  The leaves are changing color, the air is crisp, and the stores are flooded with Fall and Halloween decorations.  In celebration of this time of year, the Button Jar crew is proud to bring you our Fall Home Tour!  Each day this week we will be showing you how we decorate our homes for the season.  I have to tell you it is a little scary showing you around our homes and I will be honest – there was a lot of moving toys and boxes around to get pictures.  But we hope that you enjoy some of these ideas and are inspired for your own decorations!

Alicia’s Home Tour

Today I have the honor of kicking off the Fall Home Tour.  Before I begin, I would like to introduce you to my Fall un-decorating assistant, Indiana Jones (aka “Indy”).


He is an expert photo bomber and pumpkin snatcher, as you will see in some of the pictures.  I tried to keep him away but he is McGyver and can open doors with his paws, so he is almost impossible to keep out of pictures.  I decided he fit my color scheme so I let him make a few choice appearances.  Think of it as a “Where’s Indy” game.

Decorating Outside

Let’s start outside.  When I took these pictures there weren’t a ton of pumpkins available at the store and it really felt too early to pull out the Halloween decorations.  So this year I focused on decorating with items that I had readily available or that are easy to find outside.


This central piece for my front porch decorations was this adorable door mat I found at Lowe’s.  I just loved the red truck because Randall has a little antique red truck too, so it felt like it belonged at our house.


Indy likes to steal my real pumpkins, so I use them sparingly in low-lying areas.  I found these great cement pumpkins at one of my favorite antique malls and they are a staple with us now.



Remember my rocking chairs that I fixed up?  I put them together with some comfortable pillows, a throw blanket, flowers and some harvest items for a comfortable seating area out back.  It is a nice place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.


Or watch dog wrestling.  You know, whatever interests you.

Decorating Inside

Inside, I try to keep my decorating practical and low key. The color scheme I am using this year includes oranges, yellows and burnt reds.  I rely heavily on pillows and blankets.  Randall says I have way too many of both, but I think you can never have enough.




I try to use stuff I already have, like this little antique cup my Grandma gave me.  It is too pretty to go unused, so I display little acorns or sometimes a single mini-pumpkin in it.


The living room is the most commonly used area in our house, so I have to keep decorations simple with just pillows and blankets.  Doesn’t it look like a great spot to curl up with a good book?  The pillows usually end up all over the floor but it is very easy to pick up and they were inexpensive, so if they get damaged it isn’t a big deal. Marshall’s, Target and Pier 1 Imports are my favorite places to find pillows and blankets without feeling guilty about the price.




In the front foyer I added a few little pops of color with flowers and pumpkins.


That is Indy mid-pumpkin snatch.  He literally couldn’t resist. You can see the guilt written all over his face.



Randall made me the super cute framed vase so I decided it needed some fresh sunflowers. I get lots of compliments on it and can’t wait to use it all year-round at the new house.


Finally, the rest of the house gets little hints of seasonal decor here and there.  In the kitchen, I set out fresh seasonal fruit.  I also add pine cones and acorns were it feels right.




These adorable knitted pine cones jumped into my cart on a recent trip at Michael’s.  I just placed them on the window sill this year, but they also can be hung up. Next year we will be in the new house (yeah!) and I am excited to see how I can use them.  I can’t wait to start coming up with ideas!


Well that’s it!  Thank you for joining me for the Fall Home Tour.  Make sure you check back with us on Wednesday and Friday when Katie and Abby will be sharing their homes with you.  And, on Friday, Abby will also be sharing a fun treat for the Fall.  You won’t want to miss it!


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