Project Curb Appeal Reveal…Finally


Posted by Katie Gambone

This post has been a long time coming.  If you recall – waaaaaaay back in May, I posted my plans for improving Carlo and my home’s curb appeal.  It was in need of a refresh.  As is often the case, these projects sometimes take much longer than expected.  The good news is that it’s finally done!  Yay!  And I am happy that it looks much better than it did before.

So, as a recap, here is what the front of the house looked like in May.


Our list of projects included:

  • Planting the window boxes
  • Painting the front door
  • Fixing the screen door from when Misha “left her mark on it” in her puppy days
  • Purchasing a new “Welcome” mat
  • Prettying up the mailbox and updating our house numbers from faded stickers on the mailbox
  • And finally, the biggest part of the project, polishing and resetting the stairs

Here is how each of the projects turned out.  The final “reveal” is at the bottom of the post so hang in there.

Window Boxes

This was the first project I tackled.  I planted my first window boxes in the spring.  Here is how they turned out.


Pretty.  I was happy with them.

Sadly, we didn’t do a great job keeping up with the watering this year.  The plants were seriously crispy after our vacation in August.  A few weeks ago I finally pulled out the dead stuff and started to update them for fall.  Here is a recap of how they look now.


Painting the Door

The door was brown.  I picked that color and have regretted my choice for many years since.  Here are a few of the inspiration photos we used to pick a new color.

Ultimately we went with the gray in picture #1.  It looks great against the red brick.  Even better, the black outer door doesn’t clash with it anymore.


To improve our front door even more, I was originally thinking of adding a door knocker.  While there were so many out there that I loved, many of them posed a problem for installation because our door isn’t wood.  Ultimately I found this lovely wreath at Terrain on a huge sale.  I hung that up with a pretty fall-inspired ribbon. It looks nice against the newly painted door.


Fixing the Screen Door AND WELCOME MAT

Here was the outer door before.  Yeah, not good. Misha…puppy stuff.


Turns out we had a perfectly fine piece of glass in the basement so we replaced the screen and we are taking it to the shop for repairs.  Quick, easy fix. Done.  Also, take note of our new welcome mat.  “Hello.”  A friendly greeting and it looks nicer than our previous mat.  I did save the old mat though and have plans to update it was some spray paint when I get a free moment.


Mailbox and House Numbers

This was something we discussed a lot!  We finally decided to completely get rid of the mailbox and put a mail slot in our door instead.  I’m not going to lie.  There was some serious drama (cursing, sighing, insisting it could not be done) to install the mail slot because we don’t have a wooden door so it took some…creativity.   Thank you to Carlo for his patience and perseverance with this particular piece of the project.  It worked and I think it looks soooo much better. We got this mail slot from House of Antique Hardware and I think it looks great.  Works well too.



For the house number, Carlo got all handy.  Using these photos as inspiration…



…he made this great little flower box and mounted the house numbers on it.  He painted it the same color as the front door and I think it looks great.   Too bad my pansies weren’t totally cooperative for this picture but you get the idea. We decided to paint the other window boxes to match the house number flower box.



We actually had to leave our house for the weekend for this part of the project to be completed.  Not a huge burden because we decided to go to the beach and relax instead and the stairs were good as new when we returned.  It was like magic.

The crew came in and took the stairs off the house.  As you can see, we would have needed a ladder to get in.


They took everything apart, set a new base of bricks (I had no idea that was what the base was made of but makes sense) and polished the marble stairs.  They did a fantastic job and they look great now. They kind of remind me of pearly white teeth smiling at our neighbors across the street.


Final Reveal!

So here is the final reveal. I think it looks a lot better than before!  So glad we could finally share it with you.



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