You Decide! Help Design the Mudroom/Laundry Room


Posted by Alicia Sell

Things are moving along quickly with the house move and we spent this entire weekend packing up and cleaning the house.

This is really happening! The Pod is being dropped off this morning and we are getting things packed up. We are taking our time so we won't move till the first week of October. I am hopeful that the new family loves this house as much as we did. We literally updated or changed every room in this house and I couldn't be more proud of it. Our next fixer upper adventure is a little scary but it will be worth it in the end. #packingisnotfun #8moveslater #buyingafixerupper #expensivehobbies

We have also been working with the contractor for the new house renovations to finish up some space planning and one of the most important spaces that we have been struggling with is the mudroom/laundry area.   This space will be a central hub of activity and has to be high functioning.  In the current house we didn’t really have a separate mudroom, so everyone dropped their book bags, shoes, coats, and dirty sports clothes right at the front door.  There were a set of hooks and a bench there for them to put this stuff on, but it ends up looking like a shoe explosion all over the floor.

Our laundry room is upstairs, which worked fairly well because it was close to bedrooms, but dirty clothes were always left downstairs and it was a challenge (translation – mom yelling) to get the kids to bring them up for washing.  So for the new house, we have designed a space off of the kitchen that will be an entrance for a mudroom/laundry room area.  I am really excited about this space, but I want to make sure it is thoughtfully laid out and I am not quite sure what will work best.

So today I am enlisting the help of you, the Button Jar Readers, to design the features in the room!  Below is a short 11 question survey that allows you to help me pick the design elements for the mudroom/laundry area.  It is super easy – you basically choose from pictures you like, such as below:

Which washer and dryer setup do you prefer?

top-load_wd front-load_wd

I will tally up the results and let you know what you decided for the design!  (We will pretend we have endless amounts of money for this particular experiment.)

Thank you in advance for participating and I can’t wait to see what you pick!

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