Pup Pops and Fantastic Dog Tricks


Posted by Alicia Sell

During these dog days of summer everyone needs a special treat, especially our little fur friends!  (You try wearing a fur coat all Summer, am I right?!)

So today we present to you a healthy and fun treat for your doggies to enjoy.  We have some special friends who helped us with this recipe!  I introduce to you the Button Jar Dog Crew.


Sherlock (3 years old) is Abby’s dog that she and Drew rescued when he was just a puppy.  He specializes in cuddling and patience.  Misha (3 years old) belongs to Katie and Carlo.  She is by far the smartest and best trained of the bunch.  Last but certainly not least are Leah (8 years old) and Indy (3 years old), who are owned by Randall and me.  Leah is the sweetest girl in the world and is a champion swimmer.  Indy…well…Indy likes to chew and is allergic to grass.  He struggles a bit, but he sure is a good snuggler.

These cuties work hard for their treats, so we have compiled a special video for you today of them doing some tricks for the Button Jar readers! But before we get to the video I will share the recipe.  This recipe originally came from Bitz and Giggles but we added an extra ingredient since it is one of Leah and Indy’s favorites – honey.  The recipe is really simple.

Pup Pops

1 c. Yogurt
2 tbsp. Peanut Butter
1 tsp. honey
1 very ripe banana
rawhide treat sticks (or peanut butter sticks)
Paper cups (we used the little cups from the bathroom)
*As an alternate to the paper cups, I found these cute little dog freezing/baking trays on Amazon that you can use.  If you did this, you wouldn’t need the rawhide sticks)

Dog bone tray

Get Mixin’

Throw all of the ingredients (except the rawhide sticks) into the blender and blend till smooth.


Poor into small paper cups till they are almost full (but not completely full).


Insert rawhide treat into the center of the cup.  I couldn’t get mine to stand up straight so they were a little crooked.  Not a big deal – still completely edible.  Place in freezer for four hours.


Peel the cup away before serving.


That is it!  Very simple and believe me, your puppies will be willing to do anything to get a lick on this treat.  Here is Leah enjoying her pop.


Isn’t she a cutie?  Love my Leah.  I will note that there were only three licks before she just decided to eat the whole thing.

World Premiere Button Jar Video

So now for your viewing pleasure, I present to you the world premiere of Button Jar’s Amazing Dog Tricks!  You’ll only see this here, folks.  This is our first attempt at a video so we hope it turns out okay!  These puppies may not be perfect, but they sure are sweet.

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload.

Amazing Dog Tricks.mov from Alicia Sell on Vimeo.

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