Recipes of the Week

Long week! This drink is the perfect way to end it. Rosemary grapefruit sparkler or some call it a Rosemary greyhound. Whatever you want to call it-it's delicious! Just as good as a mocktail if you don't drink alcohol. Recipe on the blog at #happyfriday #rosemary #grapefruit #cocktail #mocktail #anicewaytoendtheweek #bottomsup #cheers #happyhour #buttonjar

It’s Friday! Let’s Have A Cocktail: Rosemary Grapefruit Sparkler

Posted by Katie Gambone Hi everybody! I don’t know about you but here at the Gambone homestead it’s been kind of a long week.  Work was a little busier than normal.  My schedule seemed to get thrown up in the air almost every day.  And Matteo hasn’t been sleeping that awesome for about 3 weeks […]