Virtual Picnic – A Friendly 4th of July Competition


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Happy Friday readers, but even more importantly – Happy (almost) 4th of July!

Zip! Crack! Boom! Sizzle!  Can’t you just hear the fireworks?

Here at Button Jar we typically send out our Recipe of the Week on Fridays, but this week, in honor of the approaching holiday, we decided to have a friendly competition between us sisters.  Welcome to the Button Jar virtual picnic!

The 4th of July always brings to mind BBQs and delicious desserts.  So each of us have come up with our favorite ways to prepare hot dogs and ice cream sundaes. See the photo collages below for ideas on how to prepare a hot dog beyond just ketchup or mustard and our favorite ways to eat an ice cream sundae.  Oh, and we included some gratuitous cute pictures of our families for your (read our) viewing pleasure.

Abby’s Virtual Picnic

Abby’s Hot Dog Toppings: Chili and cheese, Mexican Street Corn Salad, Saurkraut and mustard.

Abby’s Sundae Toppings: Angel food cake dessert cup, vanilla with chocolate chip ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream made with coconut milk by So Delicious, freshly whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries.



Katie’s Virtual Picnic

Katie’s Hot Dog Toppings: Apparently Abby and I both enjoy sauerkraut and mustard.  Second dog is topped with baked beans.  Third dog is my beautiful Misha girl sporting her patriotic red bandana!

Katie’s Sundae Toppings: Again, apparently Abby and I both enjoy a delicious cake on the bottom of our ice cream sundae. I topped my sundae with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, blueberries, strawberries, and mashed up graham cracker topping for some crunch. Yum!




Matteo At Fountain

Alicia’s Virtual Picnic

Alicia’s Hot Dog Toppings: Chile cheese dogs with ketchup, mustard or just plain old chili.

Alicia’s Sundae Toppings: Vanilla ice cream, Hershey’s chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and a cherry on top.  And a pretty star.  Alicia wanted me to point out that it was very hot when she took these photos which resulted in slightly melted sundaes. The hazards of photographing in the “real world.”  What can you do?

Kids swimming





And the Winner Is…

So, this was supposed to be a competition.  It’s hard to pick a REAL’s so subjective, right?  So I’ll (this is Katie writing) give an award to Abby for prettiest picture of a sundae.  I’ll give myself an award for best incorporation of patriotic symbolism (all decorations found at Target in the dollar bin – love it!).  And I’ll give Alicia an award for cutest dog holding a flag. Her fruit spears are also pretty special.

Think you can one-up us on the hot dogs and ice cream sundaes?  Game on.  We’d love to see/hear how you top it.  Send us a picture of your best hot dog and ice cream creations on Instagram #buttonjarvirtualpicnic.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July  friends!

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