10 Favorite Gardening Blogs and May Creative Contest

10 Favorite Gardening Blogs and May Creative Contest

Posted by The Creative Crew

10 Favorite Gardening BlogsPlantspiration Contest Details

You know the old saying “April showers bring May flowers”?

This year on the East Coast it is more like “April sunshine and awesome weather brings endless May showers and (hopefully) flowers.”

Oh don’t you worry…there will be some beautiful flowers and veggies!

May is gardening month here at Button Jar, and we are hosting a contest to celebrate! Read to the bottom of the post for contest rules and to find out the grand prize.  We’ve also compiled a list of our top 10 gardening blogs for those of you who need some gardening tips and inspiration to help maximize your chances of winning the competition.

Are you asking yourself, “Why a gardening competition?”  It’s simple.  Our mom fostered in us a love of gardening and flowers.  While none of us has a massive garden spread (yet), we all engage in some form of gardening, whether it is raised veggie beds or container gardening.  We are also excited to try a new gardening trend this year – fairy gardens.

No matter how big or small your space is, gardening is easy and rewarding.  And you can plant flowers in just about anything.  Yes – that is a red ceramic shoe in the picture below. In fact, one of the easiest ways to start gardening is with container gardens.  Abby tried her hand at container vegetable gardening last year. She picked up the The City Picker, and never looked back. She has managed to plant a prosperous, yet manageable, vegetable garden right on her deck.



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So maybe you want to participate in the competition but you aren’t sure how to get started.  Basically, you need some inspiration.  Or, maybe you are an expert gardener but want to connect with a larger community of gardeners. Well, look no further, because there are a ton of fantastic blogs to help you maximize your gardening potential.  We have compiled a list of our ten favorite (in no particular order) for your viewing/reading pleasure.


Floret Flowers literally makes us want to jump on an airplane and fly out to Washington State to see their gardens in person. Run by Erin Benzakein and her family, what started out as a small farm to grow fresh veggies grew into a thriving flower farm, design studio and learning center.  Their blog and pictures are inspiring.  Taking one of their gardening workshops is on our Button Jar bucket list.


If there is a group known for their gardening expertise, it is the British!  The Middle Sized Garden has some fantastic tips and tricks for making gardens work for just about anywhere.  There are tons of inspiring ideas to try!


The Garden Glove has some fantastic ideas for gardeners and you don’t have to be an expert.  They have lots of great ideas to make a backyard fun and beautiful for adults and kids alike.


This is Katie’s go-to gardening blog.  The author, Susan, shares posts like “Ideas from 20 planters from my neighborhood” that provide beautiful pictures that I can borrow from for my own planting.  She also shares planting ideas for all seasons as well as recipes for delicious treats.


This is Alicia’s favorite gardening blog. For those of you who want to try homesteading or growing your own food, this blog is a must read.  There are lots of great tips for growing your own fruit and nut trees and vegetables on an acre or less of land.  The author of this blog, DaNelle, is also an unapologetic lover of adorable goats and there are LOTS of great pictures and stories about raising goats.


This is Abby’s top garden blog pick. I have always loved terrariums, and now I am very excited to try a new trend in gardening, the fairy garden! I think my girls are going to love their first fairy garden. I will be sure to share our adventure in creating it.  This blog has excellent resource for starting fairy gardens with your little ones.  The magical possibilities are endless!


Continuing on with the fairy garden theme, this blog has lots of inspiring pictures for building a fairy garden, with the added bonus of fairy accessories (say what?!?).


In addition to having a plethora of gardening tips, this website has some really great recipes and DIY projects that you can incorporate into your outdoor space.


This website has tons of ideas for getting your kids involved in gardening.  Dawn Isaac, another blogger from Great Britain, has lots of great resources and inspirational ideas for young families who want to garden together.


Gayla Trail’s blog is an inspiration to those interested in organic gardening.  In addition to her great articles, she also has a podcast series called “What’cha Growin?” that is packed with helpful tips.

So that’s our gardening blog list! Check them out – they have some fantastic and inspiring ideas.  More great ideas are on the Button Jar Pinterest page and, as an added bonus, we will be adding inspiration pictures on Instagram throughout the month of May. Not following us on Instagram yet? Join us!  You should also subscribe to the  Button Jar mailing list, by clicking here.

Contest header

So, again, The Creative Crew at Button Jar wants to see your gardening skills, so this month’s Creative Contest is “Plantspiration.” The rules are so simple it is crazy:

  1. Get some dirt.
  2. Get some plants.
  3. Get a container.
  4. Put it all together and take a picture!
  5. Submit a picture of your beautiful creations to Button Jar at buttonjar3@gmail.com or on Instagram with #buttonjarplantspiration.


The deadline for submitting a picture of your best planter is Wednesday, May 25 at 5pm.  The Plantspiration winner will be announced on Monday, May 30.


So, what will you win if you have the most beautiful planter of all?  The top prize is a $25 gift card to Terrain, which is quite possibly the most amazing plant and garden store in the world (well, we think so anyway based on our experiences to date).  Terrain is located in the Philadelphia suburbs, but for those Button Jar readers who don’t live near Philadelphia, you can order online and choose from their amazing array of plants or other goodies (books, jewelry, soaps, kitchen ware, etc).

We can’t wait to see your creations!  Get your plant on, get your plant on….getcha getcha getcha getcha getcha plant on! (We hope someone appreciates that Missy Elliot reference).

Okay we will stop.  Let the contest begin!

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  1. Ankita Singh says:

    This is brilliant! I stumbled across this post while looking for gardening blogs. You’ve compiled a very helpful list of gardening blogs across the spectrum.
    I’m a very enthusiastic container gardener myself, but unfortunately can’t participate because I don’t live in the US 🙂 I’d love to tune back in and see the entries you receive! 🙂

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