Mother's Day Shopping Guide

Mother’s Day Shopping Guide

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Posted by Alicia Sell

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching so we decided to put together a shopping guide for those of you who have not yet purchased a gift for that special lady in your life who you call Mom. Whether you are a mom, celebrating your mom, or missing your mom, take a moment this Sunday to remember and celebrate this important role.

Being a mom is both the most amazing and most difficult job in the world.  Moms aren’t perfect.  Sometimes they can be embarrassing.  Like when they take you shoe shopping and tell the clerk the prices for Nike sneakers are ridiculous and they should be ashamed to put them on their shelves. (This happened every year shopping for school shoes.  Every. Single. Year.)

But moms are also the best advocates.  The biggest cheerleaders.  The creators of cherished traditions and memories. Mentors and inspirational leaders. They are the champion worry-warts of the world. They are mama bears – always protecting, nurturing and loving us way more than we could possibly deserve.

So for new mommies to seasoned ones, to the ladies hoping to be a mommy soon to the fur-moms (dog and cat moms), we solute you and all of your love, nurturing and hard work!  Enjoy your special day.

And remember, no matter what gift you give your mom on Sunday, make sure you tell her “thank you” and give her a big hug! Or give her a shout out on your blog: We love you Sarah Gallup!

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$10-$25 Gifts

From top to bottom: 1.Garden Kit (Terrain) 2.Tinted Glass Plant Mister (Terrain) 3.Hanging Flower Jar (Magnolia Market) 4.Hymn cards (Magnolia Market) 5.Lollia Hand cream (Anthropologie) Climbing Rose Tea Towel (Anthropologie) 6. Watercolor portrait (Etsy-Lemonade Design Studio) 7&8. Springs Eden Candle & Matches (Anthropologie) 9. Suburban Haiku (Amazon)

$25-$50 Gifts

From top to bottom: 1. Floral twill garden gloves (Terrain) 2.Darcie Milk Bottle Caddy (Magnolia Market) 3. Sea Creature Hanging Planter (Anthropologie) 4. Cottage Birdhouse (Anthropologie) 5.Posies & Co Body and Bath Oil (Anothropologie) 6. Ruffled Floral Sleep shorts (Anthropologie)

$50 + Up

From top to bottom: 1. Bouquet (Terrain) 2.Beloved Necklace (Magnolia Market) 3. Legacy Box preservation reformatting (Legacy Box) 4.Custom Family Portrait (Etsy-British Rule) 5. Mauve Dots Hammock (Amara)


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