New Design Project: Gallup Home Office Redo

Gallup Home Office Redo


Posted by Alicia Sell

Button Jar has a new design project!  This project is for our biggest fan, Sarah Gallup, aka mom.  In her “retirement” Sarah decided to start a new career as a realtor for Move4Free Realty in Fredericksburg, VA (Moving to Northern Virginia?  Give Sarah a call!  Harmless plug for our Momma.)  It took some time to build up, but things are really taking off and now she needs a space to manage her mounds of personal and professional paperwork that are building up.

The priorities for the office in Sarah’s exact words are: “Create something really pretty but really functional and organized.  I don’t want everyone to see my mess. Surprise me.”

The Room

Sarah’s office was originally in her bedroom, but, as we discussed in my previous post about choosing a home office location, mixing work and rest in the same room is not a recipe for success. The room she is making into her home office now is a blank slate and has a lot of potential.

First – the good parts of the room.  There are two huge windows that allow tons of natural light to flood into the room (except for when it is night, which is when the pictures were taken, but you get the idea).

There are beautiful glass French doors that open up to the rest of the house.  Because of that, she would like the office design to work with the other décor.   The honey colored floors are in excellent condition and flow throughout the first floor.


The room also has some challenges.  First, it is a strangely shaped pentagon (see our chicken scratch drawing below).  The dimensions make it difficult to pick furniture.

IMG_4914 (1)

Also, for such a small room, there is very little wall space that isn’t covered by a door or a window.  In fact, three of the walls have doors and the other two have windows. So placing furniture is challenging.

One set of accordion doors hides the furnace. The other door hides a very deep but narrow closet that is underutilized.

Finally, while the room has lots of great views and excellent lighting, it lacks privacy and the ability to control the light.  We will address all of this in our design.


There was only one thing that Sarah wanted to be included in the room.  This beautiful antique lamp is a gift from her mom, so she wanted us to use this as inspiration.


Isn’t it beautiful?  It casts a really soft warm light and provides just the right amount of task lighting without feeling like a spotlight.  We love it!

Floor Plan

Full disclosure – this room stumped us for a little while, but we have come up with a floor plan that we really like.  Yes, this extremely professional and not-at-all-to-scale drawing is our starting point.  I hold to the theory that all brilliant ideas start on the back of a napkin.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Figuring out how to position the desk is key.  There isn’t really any wall large enough to anchor the desk on.  Sarah really loves to watch the birds, so, with that in mind, we’ve decided to put the desk in front of the window that overlooks the large tree to give her optimal bird viewing access.  The rest of the layout fell into place from there (don’t you love it when that happens?!)

This office project has so much potential!  All new furniture, paint – everything down to paperclips! We have a soft spot for adorable office supplies. Now that we have Sarah’s approval for the floor plan, we are busy creating design boards to bring this space to life.  Stay tuned later this month for our plans!

One thought on “Gallup Home Office Redo

  1. Sarah Gallup says:

    This is a lot of fun and exhausting. Money leaving my bank is not one of my favorite things but once bought into it (no pun intended) it is really exciting. I know it will be beautiful because my ladies are very clever, and they work very hard at what they do. Plus, I get a veto vote! I’m not planning to use it, but it’s good to have in the back pocket!

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