Gallup Office Inspiration Boards

Gallup Office Inspiration Boards


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After completing our bathroom renovation, a few people asked me: “How do you put all of these ideas together?” That is a good question and the answer is that it is a very easy method – inspiration boards!  Today I am going to share with you the inspiration boards that we are using for Sarah’s office.  It is a mix of Pinspiration meets virtual scrapbooking.

As I mentioned in our previous post, the room Sarah is using for her home office has a ton of potential. The best feature of the room is that it is very bright and gets tons of natural light all day long.  The room is visible from the rest of the house, so we wanted it to flow with her current decor.  Her color palette tends towards very earthy natural colors like red, green and brown.  We want her office colors to compliment the other rooms, but we also wanted it to stand out as a separate space.


To get started on our inspiration boards, we turned to the one place that provides guaranteed ideas: Pinterest (by the way, follow us on Pinterest to see all of our favorite pins!).  Here are two pictures that were the “Pinspiration” for Sarah’s office:

We loved the navy blue color in this first picture.  Isn’t it fantastic? We wouldn’t always recommend using such a dark color in a small room, but the plethora of natural light in Sarah’s office makes this room a good candidate for a deep color. The rich navy  walls will be complimented by reds and browns to help create a cozy feeling in the room. We also loved the gallery wall in this Pinterest photo. A collage of family photographs will help personalize the space.  We plan on looking for gold antique frames to create Sarah’s gallery.

This is our second Pinspiration photo.  We love the beautiful antique desk. The weight of it is perfect for floating in front of the window and won’t block all of the light.  The golds and greens will compliment the navy blue, reds and browns found in our first Pinspiration photo and will create a sophisticated color palette that is just right for an office.  The mix of old antiques and modern materials is also an interesting combination that we will incorporate.

Gallup Office Inspiration Boards and Shopping List

Using the two pictures above as our guide, we set to work finding the pieces that will fit into this design puzzle.  It’s as simple as doing some online shopping and pasting our favorite pieces into a working document.  Our design budget is $3,000, which is helpful since we are getting all new furniture.  Sarah said she wanted really good quality pieces that will last, so we tried to keep that in mind.  It took some searching and a little bit of compromising among sisters, but we have come up with these inspiration boards that also serve as our shopping list (product details and costs are listed below the pictures).  Sarah loves everything we have found so far!

Gallup_Inspiration Board_1

Gallup_Inspiration Board_2

1.Madeline Writing Desk – Joss & Main ($710)  2. 2-drawer lateral filing cabinet – Ebay ($165)  3. Plants – Sarah has some she will move into the office (FREE)  4.Unique Loom Heriz 5×7 Rug – Wayfair ($175)  5. Chair – We will look for an antique chair that may need a little DIY ($175 budget)  6. Malia Seeded Glass Table Lamp – Ballard Designs ($91)  7. Bulldog tape dispenser – Target ($13)  8. Gold Stapler – Target ($15.99)  9. Terrarium – We may try to make one ($25 budget)  10. Wicker baskets – Ikea ($200 budget for decorative storage)  11. Antique Lamp – Sarah’s (FREE)   12. Magazine holders and other office supplies – Ikea, Target, Staples ($200 budget)  13. Gallery Wall Frames – We are going to look at flea markets and antique stores ($50 budget)  14. Curtains – Home Goods ($100 for 2 sets)  15. Bookcases – Ikea ($400 budget)  16. Custom artwork – We have all of the supplies to make this, including an extra frame from Sarah (FREE)  17. Window hardware – Home Goods ($40)  18. Chalkboard – DIY project ($50 budget)  19. Paint – Benjamin Moore ($75 budget)

With Sarah’s blessing, the furniture has been ordered and paint is already up on the walls. A huge thank you to Carlo Gambone for painting this space – you are a pro and it looks great! Full disclosure: Sarah was worried about using navy blue paint, but now that it is up she LOVES it!

We are so excited to show you the final reveal at the end of the month!  Stay tuned!  Subscribe to our email list so you don’t miss the reveal or any of our other exciting posts!

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  1. Sarah Gallup says:

    Interesting to see the various inspirations, some of which are so close to what we now have. Beautiful ideas from my beautiful girls. BEAUTIFUL OFFICE I love being in.

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