Gallup Office Renovation Reveal

Gallup Office Renovation Reveal


Posted by Katie Gambone

The office reveal is finally here!  It has been a  long time coming and Sarah has been incredibly patient.

As a refresher, we started this project for our mom because her real estate business began to flourish and she needed a spot that she could call her home office that was functional and quiet. Her office was originally in her bedroom, but that isn’t always a recipe for success.  So we worked with a room that is in the downstairs of her house that has tons of wonderful natural light, some challenges in terms of wall space and shape, but overall offered us a blank slate. Here are a couple of before pictures of what the space looked like.

Before we get to the reveal, here are our inspiration photos, which we found on Pinterest.

We selected a navy blue palate for the space even though it is a small room because the large windows let in a significant amount of natural light making the space a terrific candidate for a darker color.  And perhaps the most important inspiration for this space is this fantastic vintage lamp that was my grandmothers, which Sarah asked to have as her desk lamp.

DSC_0277We complimented the navy blue walls and this fantastic green lamp with reds, golds and browns to keep with a rich, natural color palette that echos the colors throughout Sarah’s home.

The Reveal

And here is the final result, which turned out even more lovely than we could have imagined!





The best part is that Sarah loves it, which makes us happy.  She said it is her favorite room in the house now and, if you are looking for her, chances are she’s sitting in her very comfortable chair working away at her desk or enjoying looking out the windows at the birds.

Let’s go over some of our three favorite parts of the room.


Let’s start with the textiles.

rugWe found this carpet on Wayfair and as soon as we unrolled it, we knew that the room was going to be fantastic.  The colors were just what  we were looking for and the carpet itself is very soft.  Again, it can be hit or miss with Wayfair, but this purchase was definitely a hit!

We found the curtains at World Market.  They have a light gold stripe that goes perfectly with the other accent pieces in the room.  They also add a softness to the space that we really loved.


Finally we found this beautiful antique caned chair at one of Alicia’s favorite stores, Shabby Love.  It is a little boutique upcycle shop in Roanoke, Virginia and is a must-visit if you are ever in the area.  We had originally planned to buy a chair to fix up, but this one was perfect and was right in our budget.  It was a no-brainer.


One of Sarah’s biggest stipulations was that the room be functional.  She asked us to incorporate additional storage and organization so that she  can keep her papers together and somewhat out of the way so that her office isn’t constantly a mess.  These bookshelves give her just that.  We’ve added some fantastic, inexpensive boxes and magazine holders from IKEA.  We’ve left it up to her to decide how she wants to organize it, but she has plenty of options to choose from.  The bookshelves also double as a display space for some of her favorite decorative items.  Isn’t this gold bulldog tape dispenser adorable?  We couldn’t resist him!




Probably our favorite purchase for the room is Sarah’s desk.



We picked it because we thought  it was beautiful, because it doesn’t block too much of the light from the window that it sits in front of, but also because it gives her a large work space.  We’ve added a few decorative items to the top of the desk, but tried to keep it as clutter free as possible so that she has a large flat space to spread out on.

The table on the  opposite side of the room gives her a second flat surface for sorting papers while the two drawers below it are a filing cabinet.  Sarah has a third storage area in the closet.   We think she’s covered as far as storage and organization goes.



Sarah is a very visual person and this chalkboard gives her a command center where she can document her to-do list or track her progress on helping  families find their perfect home.  We looked around for a chalkboard, but couldn’t find the exact size and finish we thought would fit the space.  So, in stepped my brother-in-law, Randall, who designed and made this custom chalkboard from scratch.  He did a fantastic job and we know this custom piece will get a lot of use!  We will do a post in a few weeks to let you know how you can make one of these yourself.


Gallery Wall

We personalized the space with a gallery wall.  We found all of the frames at a yard sale for $3.00.  We loved the price, their vintagy feel and they have just the right amount of gold.


We added new mattes and printed black and white photos that are special to Sarah – note all of her adorable grandkids and the sweet picture from her wedding day.

gallery wall

The fantastic candle wall sconces  were so beautiful and unique with their dragon details (any Game of Thrones fans out there?) and add a bit more gold and texture to the wall.


We further personalized the gallery wall with this easy DIY tree ring print to symbolize all the years and experiences that have gotten Sarah to this point in her life and career.  Again, we’ll let you know how you can replicate this personalized art work in your own home in a future post.


And  that’s it!  We are so happy with the way it turned out.  Making spaces feel special for our friends and family brings us such a lot of joy.  If you have a project that you would like help with, send us a personal message at

family close up

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