Surprise! I Sold My House on a Whim Last Week


Posted by Alicia Sell

Last week Randall and I sold our house on a whim.  Well, not completely a whim, but we will get to that in a second.  I know what you are thinking.  “Didn’t you just finish the bathrooms?”  “Don’t you hate packing?” “Are you crazy?”

The answer to all three questions is “Yes.”

The last two weeks have been nothing but crazy.  But they have been exciting, too.  So much has happened that I have been dying to share with you.  It is a long story, but here is a bullet-pointed summary.

  • For the last year Randall and I have been actively searching for fixer upper houses in a little rural town about 15 minutes away called Greenfield. It is full of rolling fields and endless mountain views. We love it there and we are somewhat addicted to renovating houses, which is kind of an expensive hobby, but it is great fun.
  • Our realtor, Grant Cockrell (who is great, by the way), convinced us that we should consider just listing our house so that we would have more buying power if the right house came on the market. We took him up on it, figuring it would take months to sell. Any sale would be contingent on us finding suitable housing.
  • We listed our house. We had two offers above the asking price within 4 hours of it being listed.
  • I went into shock. So did Randall.  So did the kids.
  • We accepted an offer that was contingent on us finding a house within a week.
  • We put in offers on three houses we thought were sure bets. All were rejected.
  • Our contingency ran out. I cried a little and was sad a lot.
  • I gave up all hope of finding a house.
  • The family whose offer we had accepted on our house called us back and asked if we would still take their offer and keep searching for a house for another week. We, like the fools we are, agreed.
  • A day later we found a fixer upper on ten acres of land.  We put in a bid and within hours our offer was accepted.
  • We have big plans for this house.  Did I mention we may need to find temporary housing for several months while work is being completed and I am not 100% sure where that housing is yet?  Again, the answer to your question is “Yes. We may have lost our minds.”

The end.

Actually, it is really just the beginning.  And I. CAN’T. WAIT.

Tribute to Our Current House

So before I show you the new house, I would like to pay tribute to our current house, which has been a wonderful home to us.

This house will be a great home for another family and that makes me happy.  It has served us well, but our kids are getting bigger and we don’t need to be in a neighborhood anymore.  In fact, most of the kids’ friends have moved away and been replaced by younger families.

We have been craving more land and flexibility.  Still, we are so proud of this house because we basically updated everything from top to bottom. Here it is at its very cutest.











Photos taken by our amazing realtor, Grant Cockrell .

Introducing the New Sell Family Homestead

So now, without further ado, let’s talk about our new fixer upper.

Before I show it to you, I need to put out a disclosure.  It is nothing sexy.  In fact, you might look at it and say “What are they thinking?”  Just go with me here.  Randall and I have optimistic, adventurous spirits and an eye for potential.

Here is our new house.


Yup, it is one of those ranch houses I used to draw all the time as a kid.  Small, plain, and probably not updated since the 1960s when it was built.



To be fair, I overlooked this house for the last five months because it is too small and at the time it was way too expensive.  But we kept going back to it because its location is wonderful, it has 10 beautiful acres of rolling pastures and it is a blank slate of potential.


Last week the price dropped on the house significantly, so we decided it wouldn’t hurt to go see it.  I am so glad we did.  As soon as we pulled in the driveway I just knew it was the place for us. The other houses we bid on were great, but each had problems that would take years to be able to afford fixing and they were close to the top of our price range. I was sad those offers fell through but I also felt relieved when they did because it never felt like home.

This house may not look special, but it is incredibly well built and has been kept impeccably by the only family that has ever owned it.  It has a simple floor plan that can grow into something beautiful.  It has 10 acres of rolling hay fields (a local farmer cuts the hay for free), a small barn, big trees and endless views.   It is a blank slate that is full of potential and I can’t wait to start the next chapter of our family’s adventure there.  We have already had two contractors start up addition plans for us.

I am excited, nervous and scared all wrapped up into one.  I don’t know what the future will hold and what we will end up with, but I know it will be exciting.  And I can’t wait to share this journey with our Button Jar readers. Stay tuned!


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12 thoughts on “Surprise! I Sold My House on a Whim Last Week

  1. Sarah Gallup says:

    I hope this is all that and a bag of chips for you guys! I know your style – chaos. I know your method is to create order out of chaos. The creative urge, if you will. Keep feeding it!

    • arsell58 says:

      Thank you for your kind comment about our house! It is hard to walk away when we are so proud of what we have accomplished, but I am really excited for this next adventure.

  2. Linda says:

    That is amazing news! We often think about selling our home. We do have 26 acres….love the privacy. It is great news you found a house you can make your own. Congrats and thanks for sharing at DI&DI. Happy Monday.

    • Katie Gambone (Button-jar.com) says:

      Thanks Linda! 26 acres! That’s amazing! We can’t wait to have a little more privacy. And maybe some goats 🙂 We have a few ideas for how we can use the land.

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