Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List


Posted by Abby Branham

I was not a huge fan of Fall until recently.  Now-a-days summer is just too hot for me so I say bring on the cooler temperatures!  This Labor Day weekend was truly lovely! The weather in Southeastern Pennsylvania was perfect, which made it possible to enjoy the great outdoors without having to be at the pool. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no pool hater. I’m just ready for some autumnal bliss.

The beautiful fall weather put me in the mood to work on my Fall Bucket List, which I thought I would share with you. Many of these ideas are classics, and may already be on your list.  But, if not, I hope you are able to give them a try.

Take a Walk

Seems simple but this bucket list item is so fun and energizing! Drew and I are so fortunate to live close to many beautiful parks, historic farms, and trails. I am always researching to find new parks and trails we can visit with the girls to keep it fresh.  Your little ones will love exploring new landscapes and pathways.  You never know what you will find!  Creating a Scavenger Hunt for your venture can be a fun way for your kids and you to experience nature, but just a walk or hike in the great outdoors  provides a fantastic landscape for making family memories.


Visit an Orchard

This is a good one for all seasons, but apple picking has been a fun tradition for my sisters and me for many years.  We have some hilarious memories from our adventures in the orchard. As a major BONUS, you stand a decent chance of finding hot, fresh baked donuts at an orchard bakery. Yum!


Visit a Pumpkin Patch

It is SO worth it to pick your own pumpkin.  Plus, if you have little ones you must get pictures of them in the patch –  it’s kind of a right of passage.  The tractor ride to the field is sure to be a hit with kids young and old.  BONUS:  Many times you can find all-in-one pumpkin patches with corn mazes, farm animals, various novelty rides and seasonal activities/games.  Last year, we saw a pig race at our local pumpkin patch, which was ridiculously adorable.

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Carve a Pumpkin

I am not sure a year of my life has gone by that I haven’t carved a pumpkin.  It’s just a tradition in our family.  Even before my sisters and I had children, we would gather at our parent’s house to have a pumpkin carving contest every October.  Again, some wonderful, funny memories were born from those weekends. If you want to feel like a real artist, try a pumpkin carving kit!

BONUS: When you are done carving your pumpkins, try roasting the pumpkin seeds. They are good for you and there are many interesting ways you can season them.



Have a Picnic

My girls LOVE to eat outside, just like their mom.  Whether in your own backyard or at a local park, now is the perfect weather for picnicking.  To make it a fun, classic picnic, bring a pretty blanket and some throw pillows!

Star Gaze

Perhaps the only bonus of loosing daylight hours in the Fall is that your kids can star gaze with you without keeping them up way past their bed time.  My plan for this Fall is to put a blanket on our deck with our inflatable mattress on top. Then, I’ll load the mattress up with comfy pillows and warm blankets.  I just know this is going to be a family hit! Popcorn anyone?


I’m not sure much more needs to be said here, but for me Fall marks the onset of baking season. If you have children, bake with them, it’s a great way to provide sensory experiences, pass on family recipes, and make memories.  As a major BONUS, it’s time for comfort food.  Don’t forget to make an apple crisp with those apples from the orchard!

Labor Day_1444

halloween fun

One of the coolest things Drew and I have done with the girls for Halloween is to attend the BOO at the ZOO event at the Philadelphia Zoo.  I’m hoping other zoos offer this as well.  Young and older are encouraged to dress up for trick-or-treating and many other fun activities!  BONUS:  the zoo offers this event throughout the month of October, so you can choose a weekend that works best for your family.  It’s a fun way to celebrate Halloween, especially when you get to hang out with your cousin Matteo, who happens to live in Philadelphia!


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  1. Sarah Gallup says:

    This is such a fun post for me. It makes me so happy to remember my own young family’s Falls – Sports events, cider, and all of the above – but it makes me so happy to see other young families experience Fall by going out into it. Don’t forget to iron leaves between sheets of wax paper, between paper towels! Man you really lit up my memory bank!

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