Rocking Chair Revival


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Plans are moving along nicely for our home renovation/expansion and we have just this week picked which contractor we are going to work with. Drawings are being finalized and I can’t wait to share them with you in full detail, but, for now I will share with you one element of the project that was critical to both Randall and me: a big front porch. The views from the house are just too pretty not to highlight, so we were really pleased when our architect said that the porches would be a major feature of the house.


So, even though we have quite a while to wait for this porch to be constructed, I instantly decided that I needed to start thinking about how I would decorate the porch.  I am thinking it is going to need a porch swing and, most obviously, some rocking chairs.  When I said this to Randall, he was like “Okay Alicia, slow down here.  We don’t want to buy anything till we have the construction going, and we actually already have some rocking chairs.”  Which is true, we do.  But just like everything else that comes into our possession, we use the heck out of it until it is absolutely busted.  Our rocking chairs are no exception.



Kind of gross, right?

The paint has chipped due to over exposure to the sun and some grease dripped on them from the grill that sits just overhead so they were really sticky (ewe!).  Most people would probably just throw them in a dumpster and buy new ones, but not me!  Oh no.  I would go right in that dumpster and pull them out because the truth is that fixing them up is incredibly easy and only takes a pressure washer, a little elbow grease, plastic tarp and some spray paint.

So, of course, I decided this was a  priority project.  My extremely patient husband was kind enough to help (aka basically do) this project for me.  Here is how we freshened up our rocking chairs.

Use  a pressure washer to thoroughly clean the chairs off, removing any excess paint chips and (in our case) the grease.


If there is some remaining stickiness, wash the chairs thoroughly with a strong cleaning agent.  Allow the chair to dry completely.

Lay out a sheet or tarp for the chair to sit on in a well ventilated area.

For the spray paint, I am happy to report that there are endless options available.  They have every kind of color, finish, etc. that you can possibly imagine.  There is spray paint specifically designed for outdoor use, so we stuck to that section, but really the possibilities are endless.  Right now I am a huge fan of black as an accent color.  It is clean, goes well with everything and doesn’t show dirt as easily as the white chairs did.  It’s a no brainer.

The trick to a good spray paint job is not putting it on too thick.  Two layers is better than one, but allow to dry completely between coats.  Our project required two cans of spray paint, which came to about $20 total.  Not too bad and a huge savings over what we would have paid to buy new ones.



So here they are in all their glory looking just right for the fall season.


They will look great on our porch in about…oh 6 or 7 months (that is being optimistic).  But for now, we can just rock away and enjoy our current view!

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