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pin_halloween-gamesHalloween is right around the corner!  This holiday always brings back fun childhood memories.  I (this is Katie writing) would get so excited to go trick-or-treating that I once had a vivid dream (nightmare actually) that I slept through it!  In my dream I could see kids in costumes walking by my window, and I kept thinking “Wake up!   Wake up!  Get your costume on or you will miss all of the candy.”  But I just couldn’t get out of bed.  Soooooo scary, right?   Don’t worry though, I had dreams that I slept through Christmas too…clearly it’s just me being overexcited and weird.

Anyway, we here at Button Jar love traditions associated with any holiday but Halloween was always very special to us, not only for our love of trick-or-treating, but also because each year we got our “game face” on for our family’s annual pumpkin carving contest.  We carried on this tradition until a few years ago when all of the new little kiddos in our lives made it a challenge to get together.  We hope to pick back up with it soon.  Also, way before Halloween Superstore days our mom always came up with fantastic costumes for us.  She was a costume designer for a theater company for a short time and even sewed her own wedding dress, so she is pretty darn good at it!  Trust us.  Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz was perhaps one of the most memorable costumes she put together for Alicia..so sad we don’t have a picture of that.  Alicia may have cried a little bit over the extreme volume in her hair because the curlers took a little too well, but she looked fantastic!

Anyway, whether you celebrate Halloween or not, fall is a fantastic time to play games with your kids or even throw a party.  We have compiled a list of 18 games that you can play with adults, kids or a combination of kids and adults.  We hope that these games get you in a festive spirit! Have fun…it’d be hard not to!  Also – be sure to check back in on Friday for some more holiday inspiration – our theme will be dinner and a moooooovviiieeee.

Pin The Face On the Jack-o-lantern

Matteo is a little obsessed with pumpkins right now so I made this game for us to play in the few minutes we had before nap time.  It took all of 10 minutes to make.  Using some poster board I had on hand, I drew and quickly colored a large jack-o-lantern.  I then colored and cut out shapes for Matteo to make a friendly face on his pumpkin.   Each shape had tape on the back to make them sticky.  So easy and so much fun!  Matteo was a little freaked out by the mouth even though he pretended to put it on his face, but he was totally digging the triangle shapes.  We’ll play with this again in the future.



Spider Races from Still Playing School

This is another one that is great for kids, but it could honestly be fun at an adult party too.  All you need for this game are some straws, plastic spiders from the dollar store, and a make-shift race track.  Prest-o magic-o! You’ve got yourself a race.


Guess the number of Candy Corns in The Jar

Any Halloween or Fall Party needs at least some kind of candy game and candy corns are my FAVORITE.  So, get a jar, fill it up, and have paper slips available for your guests to guess how many candy corns are in there for a fun prize.  The hardest part is making sure that the candy corns don’t get eaten before the game is over!


Mummy Wrap

This is one of my personal favorites (Katie again).  There are lots of variations on how to play, but, in short, pair up in teams of two, get a few rolls of toilet paper and make the best mummy you can.  Busting out of the mummy wrap is probably even more fun than getting in costume.  Lots of laughs with this game.


Pumpkin Carving Contest

My parents judged a pumpkin carving contest between us sisters each year.  So fun!  This contest requires a little bit more time and it gets pretty messy so I recommend asking your guests to carve their pumpkins ahead of time and bring them to the party.  Make sure you have prizes for different categories like scariest, funniest, most original, etc.  As a side note, toasted pumpkin seeds make a delicious, salty party snack.


Pumpkin Miniature Golf From A Girl and a Glue Gun

If you are particularly adept at carving pumpkins, it is fun and creative to create your own miniature golf course.  You can make a large course or a single hole for play – either way will be fun.  This actually would be awesome as part of an obstacle course!


Bean Bag Toss from Paige’s Party Ideas

I love this idea from Paige’s Party Ideas.  Grab six trick-or-treating jack-o-lanterns from the Dollar Store and some bean bags.  You can make your own pretty easily if you can’t find them at the store.  Whoever gets the most bags in the pumpkins wins.  Simple, inexpensive and cute.


Ghost Bowling From Paige’s Party Ideas

Another great idea from Paige’s Party Ideas (I highly recommend visiting her blog for year-round fun) is this ghost bowling.  Stick googly eyes on some toilet paper rolls, grab a ball or pumpkin, and get bowling!


Bobbing for Apples

This is as easy and old-school as you can get.  This was played at every single Halloween party I ever attended (this is Alicia writing) and it was always the highlight of the night.  Young and old alike can’t help shoving their head under water and trying to grab an apple.  I have seen it played where you can have your hands on the side of the tub or where you had your hands behind your back, but the point is you can only use your mouth to get the apple out of the water.  You can time it for 30 seconds to see how many you can get or just see if you can get any at all!  There is a trick to the technique but I won’t give it away – you have to figure it out for yourself!



Pass the Tiny Pumpkin with your Neck Game

So, a safety tip with this one.  Cut the pumpkin stem off so no one gets poked!  Second tip, make it a smallish pumpkin because you can’t easily tuck a 10 pounder under your chin.  This can be done with all numbers of objects, such as pumpkins, oranges, apples, a balloon, etc.  No matter what the object, the game is always the same.  Form two teams that have equal numbers of players.  Have each team line up in a straight line and everyone has to hold their hands behind their backs.  No hands allowed!  The person in the front of the line holds the pumpkin by tucking it between their chin and their neck.  They then turn to the next person in line and have to pass it by placing the pumpkin into that players neck without either player using their hands.  If the pumpkin falls, it goes back to the first person in line.  The team to successfully get the pumpkin passed to the end of their line first wins!


Eat the Donut off the String

I have played this game with either a donut tied to a string OR an apple tied to the string.  The apple is really hard, so you might reserve apples for the older players.  No matter what you use, the rules are simple.  Tie donuts or apples from a pole at varying heights.  You can also tie a rope between two trees and hang the donuts off of strings that are tied to the rope.  Each player lines up under their “donut.”  With their hands behind your back, they have to eat the entire donut without it falling off the string onto the ground.  If it falls, you are eliminated.  The first person to eat the entire donut is the winner! (But really everyone feels like a winner because you get a yummy donut.)


Knock the Ghoul from the Table

This is a super easy game kids can just keep playing all night long.  It is can toss, but each can has been painted to look like a Halloween ghost, pumpkin, witch, etc.  Get creative!  Use a tennis ball or a bean bag to knock the cans down.  Reset and repeat.


Candy Corn Toss

I saw this online and wish I knew who to credit because it is so cute!  I have a feeling Randall is going to have to make one of these for next season.  Again, this is a simple bean bag toss game but with a giant candy corn as the target.  You can award points by color.  Little kids stand close, big kids have to be far away.  Kids will enjoy playing this over and over, no matter if they are 2 or 22.


Costume Contest

The best part of Halloween is getting to dress up in creative costumes!  Have a few prizes ready to give away for funniest, scariest and most creative.  My son, Colin recently won funniest costume at a Halloween party he attended last weekend.  He was “kid from the 80s,” wearing all genuine 1980s gear that belonged to Randall and his Uncle Corey.  Randall swears half shirts were really popular, but I am not convinced that they weren’t just popular to him. We can only pray that fashion choice doesn’t return anytime soon – ahhh!


Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

Making a board is easy.  You can tape it off on a piece of plywood, or draw the tic-tac-toe board with chalk on a driveway.  Do orange pumpkins vs. white pumpkins or paint them with cute stripes – the possibilities are endless.


Glow In The Dark Pumpkin Ring Toss From Kid Friendly Things To Do

Glow in the dark ring toss!   Why didn’t I ever think of this?  Grab two large pumpkins with decent stems.  Again – hit the Dollar Store for glow in the dark rings.  Set everything up a few feet apart and let your guests get tossin’.  This one can be fun in the daylight or the dark.


Ghostly Pillow Sac Race From Fireflies and Mudpies

This is such a fun activity for the young and young at heart!  Cut out some face shapes and tack them down to old pillow cases you won’t be needing anymore, except for future pillow sack races.  Line up….and GO!


Pumpkin and Spoon Race

For another fun race idea, take some of the many mini pumpkins and gourds laying around your house and give each participant a spoon.  Again, line em’ up and…….GO!  This is sure to be a hit with my twins (this is Abby writing).



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