My New House Has A Drawing – Come See It!


Posted by Alicia Sell

Today I am pretty excited and nervous to share this post with you because it has been such a long time coming.  As a recap, Randall and I sold our house very unexpectedly in late August.  We didn’t have a house ready to move into and we got turned down on a few of the bids that we submitted, which was okay because it never felt quite right.  In the end, we felt fortunate to find a cute fixer upper that has been lovingly kept by its only owner and sits on 10 beautiful acres.



It is a new adventure for us, but we have always wanted the chance to take a home and transform it into something we would love.

So what I am able to share with you today are the preliminary drawings that our builder put together for us.  We interviewed quite a few builders but ultimately we decided to work with the Alam Design Group & Family Builders.  Husain Alam, the owner, is great to work with and he really listened to and understood what Randall and I wanted to achieve on our budget.   Our personal style is very clean and simple, but with a nod to the traditional architecture that dots the rolling hills in Southern Virginia.  So, without further ado, here are the drawings for the house.

Home Renovation Drawings – Courtesy of Alam Design Group & Family Builders.


Front Elevation.  The front of the house will be dominated by a classic country front porch that takes advantage of the beautiful views and the early morning sun.  Large windows will allow for you to enjoy the beautiful view from every angle.  When you are looking at the house from this angle, the existing house is the part sticking out to the right.


Rear Elevation. There will be a hearth room (ie the kids play room) off of the back of the house.  The kids can be in this room with friends, playing video games, etc. and it will help keep the noise separate from the rest of the house.  From this angle, the existing house to the left.


Right Elevation. The porch will wrap around the entire new front piece of the house.  This means I am going to have to add to my collection of rocking chairs!


Left Elevation.  This is the side of the house that people will approach when they come up the driveway.  We have a little entry into a mudroom area, which is likely where everyone will be coming into the house.

Again, special thanks to Alam Design Group & Family Builders for working with us!

So what will it look like?

I am a very visual person and it is hard for me to conceptualize what this will look like just from drawings, so I put together a little collage of pictures that are similar in style to what we are hoping to accomplish.




The beautiful wraparound porch, big windows and open floor plan match up with all the things that I could ever want in a house.  The final size will be about 2600 square feet, which is just big enough to feel spacious but not too big to overwhelm me.  I have never wanted a huge house, just a house that is quaint and has character.  And light.  Lots of light.

This is still all preliminary and subject to change based on budget and resources, but we are hoping we can stay true to the character that Husain has drawn up.  We are also hoping to do some of the work ourselves (yes, that is crazy).  We are looking forward to getting started and I will keep you updated as things start to move along.  We are on this crazy train and starting to pull out of the station – I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us! Stay tuned!


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  1. Jess says:

    Love it! It looks like the cottage style houses we have down here in the lowcountry. So cute! Can’t wait to see it when it’s complete!

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