The Creative Crew

Abigail Branham ◊  Katie Gambone ◊  Alicia Sell

Abigail Branham


I am Abby, the oldest sister.   I live in the Philadelphia area with my husband Drew and our (almost) 2 year old twin daughters, Harper and Meika (Mee-ka).   My life is inundated with twins (my sisters Katie and Alicia are twins too), and I’m a better person for it! My life is a beautiful, albeit exhausting, adventure.

I am a reading teacher for students in grades K-2.  I love my job and the children who I am so fortunate to teach.  Drew is part owner of Home Furnishing Consignment (HFC) in Wayne, PA.  HFC is full of new and gently used treasures.  If you are ever in the area, you should definitely come and check it out!

Other things you should know about me:

Interests/Education: BA Psychology and Certifications in Elementary and Special Education, Yoga, Cooking, Nutrition, Gardening, Creative fun for my girls

Pets: Smokey (also know as the fat cat), and Sherlock, our fun loving dog

Decorating Style:  Eclectic- I love neutral colors, clean modern lines, and texture.

Personal Style:  I’m all about staples, neutral colors and layering!

I’m Inspired By: My children, my husband, my family, National Public Radio, creative learning experiences for my girls, individuals that persevere, anything that streamlines my life to make it easier

Special Talent:  Not sure this is a talent, maybe it is a goal…I try to make a conscious effort to be introspective in order to learn and grow.  I am a work in progress.

Favorite Book(s):  To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, which was the inspiration for my daughter Harper’s name.   The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgsen Burnett, because it is a great story but, more importantly, because my mother would read it to me when I was a little girl.   Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Tess of the D’urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.   There are many more books that I love, but these were important in igniting my passion for reading.

Favorite Movie(s):  Out of Africa was one of my very favorite movies as a young girl and still is today.  Little Miss Sunshine holds a special place in my heart.  Due Date is hilariously funny!

Katie Gambone


My name is Katie and I am technically the middle child by 11 minutes (Alicia and I are twins). I live in Philadelphia and can’t imagine moving too far from the city. Philadelphia has amazing restaurants, activities, and cool people watching spots. My husband is Carlo. He is an awesome cook and speaks Italian (a helpful skill!). We have an amazing little guy, Matteo, who will turn 1 year old in May. Other things you should know about me:

Interests/Education: Art History, History, Public Education, Grant Writing, Marketing, Libraries, Exercise, Reading, Decorating, etc.

Pets: Misha (dog)

Decorating Style: Eclectic. I like a little bit of everything but I am starting to lean towards colorful Mid Century Modern designs.

Personal Style: Easy does it! Comfort is key and I add simple accessories. Some might describe my style as sporty.

I’m Inspired By: So many things. My little boy exploring the world. Women who start up new businesses and succeed. Talented writers and artists. People who overcome odds, etc.

Special Talent: Listening – is that a talent? Haha! I’ve been told I’m pretty good at mixing patterns and colors too.

Favorite Book: A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. I am starting to get into self help books too.

Favorite Movie: I really like old movies and probably my favorite is Gone With The Wind. I also really enjoy classic Christmas movies like White Christmas. I know the words to every song and have to stop myself from singing out loud so that I don’t annoy people watching with me! Best in Show makes me laugh every time partly because I am a crazy dog owner and can relate.

Alicia Sell


I am Alicia, the youngest member and true “baby” of my family (even if it is only by 11 minutes.) I live in Southwest Virginia with my handy husband Randall and our three clever kids Hunter, Colin and Olivia. For my day job, I am fortunate to work from home and visit with library clients in the United States and Europe. Running and hiking are two of my favorite physical activities. But I also love being still, reading a magazine or just enjoying a beautiful sunny day.

I am a country mouse. Randall and I dream about having a small farm with 5 to 10 acres of land. Randall’s only caveat on this farm idea is that we need to be close to a grocery store. Olivia wants a horse (I do too) and the boys want a stream or pond for fishing. Someday we will make it happen.

Pets: Two crazy golden retrievers, Princess Leah (aka Leah) and Indiana Jones (aka Indy, but we really should have named him Chewbacca because he eats everything and makes weird noises).

Decorating Style: Eclectic, slightly European or British mixed with classic lines and a smidge of modern farmhouse flair. I am not a fan of clutter. Everything needs to have a purpose or has to be so cute I can’t resist it.

Personal Style: Sweatpants. Okay I am kidding. Fashion sweatpants (think Athleta). Also, 90s bootcut jeans that feel amazing on.

I’m Inspired By: Watching my kids grow. It overwhelms me with emotion and, as Hunter says, I get a “case of the feels” from time-to-time.

Special Talent: Revamping songs to fit any occasion. This is a gift handed down from generation to generation. Sun is shining? I can make a song for that. Putting on Sunscreen? You betcha.

Favorite Book: I have so many, but the books I read over and over again are Jane Austen novels.

Favorite Movie: Out of Africa. But I need to also add that my favorite comedy is Talladega Nights. I can’t even explain this one, but I will just admit Randall and I laugh really hard no matter how many times I watch it. And we watch it – a lot.