Fall Window Box Spruce Up – Part I


Posted by Katie Gambone

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Happy Labor Day everyone!  I hope you are enjoying some rest and relaxation.  I can say in all honestly that Carlo and I did not really rest.  We’ve been laborin’ on house projects.  And there are quite a lot of them!

We’ve been working away on Project Curb Appeal, which, shamefully, has taken us all summer. What can I say?  Sometimes projects come together quickly.  Sometimes…not so much.  Better late than never though.

The good news is that Project Curb Appeal should be completed later this week.   So stay tuned because I’ll be sharing it with you soon.

Anyway, one of my projects for Project Curb Appeal was sprucing up our window boxes for  the fall. When we got home from our summer vacation in August, our plants were seriously fried and dead.  Sad.  So it was a good time to spruce them up with fall plants.  And it was a little cooler this weekend, so it was the perfect conditions to do it.   Matteo was my shopping buddy and helped pick out the plants.

The Sprucing – Part I

I started by pulling out all the dead and dry plants except for the long grasses in the center. They are still in decent shape and the wispy willows remind me of fall so I decided to keep them, as you’ll see in the “reveal” photos below.

To fill out my now barely there window boxes I purchased four pigeon purple ornamental cabbages to anchor each end.


For color, I added two Acapulco Multicolor Ornamental Peppers.  Aren’t the little peppers adorable?  I also just loved the name Acapulco.


And I added two Delta Yellow with Purple Wing Pansies.


Matteo insisted that these two scarecrows come home with us too.


It took all of 15 minutes to pull out the dead plants and add in these new ones, which make me much happier.  When I stepped back to look at everything I felt like the grasses in the middle looked a little too untamed for me so I used a wooden stake and some fishing wire from Carlo’s broken fishing reel to tie the grasses around the middle like a corn stalk.  Better.




Let me be clear – these are not finished yet.  Hence, this post is labeled Part I.  First, I need my plants to grow in a bit so the grasses don’t look soooo tall.  Also, I need pumpkins people! And gourds.  I couldn’t find any when Matteo and I were out and about so they didn’t make the cut for this post, but they will be in the photos for Project Curb Appeal.  Again…stay tuned.


I am so happy that we got a lot of work done over this holiday break!  Back to the regular routine tomorrow.


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