Project Curb Appeal

Posted by Katie Gambone

The other evening as Misha and I approached our house from the park across the street after our walk, I thought, “Wow. The front of our house doesn’t look very…what’s the word I’m looking for…uh, welcoming.”   Here’s a picture so you can see for yourself.  That’s Carlo’s Vespa under the grey cover.  Please notice how lovely my neighbors front door looks – nice glass door, beautiful wreath…she does a good job.


Maybe I noticed it more than I have in the past because we have been going to so many open houses. The front of the house really makes a lasting impression.   In fact, we have actually decided not to go to visit certain houses because we really disliked the exterior.  Gaining perspective on how people scrutinize homes made me realize we need to up our game a bit.

To improve our home’s curb appeal, I stood outside (obviously), took some pictures and then Carlo and I discussed what we could/should do. Here is our quick check-list of improvements we will be making. I will admit that most of the things I want to do are cosmetic and most of what Carlo wants to do is related to improving the functionality, which is typically the way our priorities break-out.

Window boxes

We plant window boxes every year.   They pretty up the front entry way quite a bit and are relatively inexpensive.  It’s something we always agree on and enjoy doing together so we’ll tackle this one first.


Screen Door

Our front screen door has been torn since Misha was a puppy (just one of Misha’s puppy-hood casualties).  Also, the latch to keep it propped open is broken, which is frustrating because the door is actually really heavy.  I grumble under my breath (and sometimes out loud) “stupid door…grrr” every time I have to carry groceries, the stroller or baby car seat into or out of the house.  It’s pretty high on the fix-it priority list.


Front Door

The paint on the door is chipped and could really use a refresh.  Also, it bothers me that the door is brown but the screen door is black, so I am looking for a new paint color for the door.

I usually hang a pretty wreath on the door, but the one I have used is really looking dull, so I’m looking for ideas for something new.  It may not be a wreath at all.  Maybe a cool knocker?  We’ll see.


Mailbox and Welcome Mat

Wow – is this the mailbox of an abandoned home?  Okay, I’m being dramatic, but that’s kind of what it says to me.  I have a few ideas to pretty it up.

The welcome mat is a no-brainer, easy update that will make a huge difference.  Our top step is a little bit narrow though, so I need to make sure that what I get fits this space.

Front stairs

These stairs are old! But they are made of marble, which is a very valuable and sturdy material so they are worth keeping.  They need to be polished and reset with the cracks filled so that tiny animals don’t make our steps their home (although we are pretty sure a few already have).   Also, the railing is detached, so that will be fixed and then get a fresh coat of paint.  We’re going to paint the light post too.



Inspiration Photos

Those are our priorities.  Here are a few of our inspiration photos found on Pinterest (also available on the Button Jar Pinterest page) for ideas we plan to incorporate into Project  Curb Appeal.  Be sure to check back in! I’ll be posting updates on our progress over the next few weeks!  If you have some good ideas that you’d like to suggest, leave a message in the comments section or email me directly at

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