Bathroom Makeover Part II: Budget and Inspiration Pictures

Posted by Alicia Sell

Now that we have successfully painted the bathroom cabinet, we want to make some more improvements to the master bathroom.

It is safe to say I could go absolutely crazy in here with updates, but Randall and I had a talk about what was realistic for the space and our budget.We settled on a number that was big enough to get some stuff done but that we could pay for up front.  This is always important to Randall, and good for me since I am an impulse buyer.

To  start, we made a list of what we really hated about the bathroom and what we just wished was different. Our lists did not match up exactly so there was some negotiating that had to take place.  We researched the “must do” list to see if those items would fit into our budget.  If it looked to be a budget buster, it got cut from the list.

Fortunately, the bathroom is really big and the layout works fine for us, so that is a big cost saver.  The things that need to charge are all cosmetic.  Here is the list of what we agreed needed updating.

WARNING: Drool worthy pins from my Pinterest page are posted below.  View at your own risk.

Vanity top

These are beautiful and will be a big improvement from our current vanity top, which is really cheap material and has scratches and stains on it.  The color will also go well with our newly painted white cabinets.



Tile floor

Our floor always looks dirty no matter what we do. I would prefer something like the floors in the photos below.









We used to have one huge mirror. I prefer two mirrors that are simple with clean lines.


Cabinet space

We don’t have much storage so Randall wants to make a built-in cabinet that will sit on top of the vanity and will separate our two sink spaces.  Picture from Pinterest below is our inspiration.



Our current ceiling fixture is the worst part of the bathroom for me.  We need to get pricing to have it changed.



Sink hardware

The current hardware is really, really cheap.  I don’t think it is even real metal, so we were looking for something a little more elegant.


Paint Color

Our bathroom is white right now, which I don’t mind, but I am thinking we may change it up.  At the very least, the space just needs a fresh coat of paint.

So what is the budget to do all of this work?  Drum roll please…..


Some of you may think that is not nearly enough.  Others may think it extravagant.  I say it is just right.  We will save a lot of money because we can do most of the work ourselves.  And we are really good bargain hunters!

There are some things that we left out of the project because it wouldn’t fit into the budget.  We both really, REALLY wanted to redo the shower, but it was a budget buster. To be honest, the current shower works well for us.  It has frosted glass and although I have always wanted a crisp, clear shower door and gorgeous tile, having three kids who always need to talk to you at the least opportune times makes the frosted glass door 100% necessary.

It is a challenge, but I love a good challenge! The project has already started and I will be sharing progress pictures on our Facebook page.  And, of course, we will do the big reveal as soon as it is completed, which is hopefully in May 2016 and not May 2017!  Stay tuned for the big reveal!

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