Money, Money Money! 5 Ideas for Saving It.


Posted by Katie Gambone

If you missed Monday’s post, then you missed Alicia’s story about selling her house and investing in a fixer upper in a two-week whirlwind.  It’s inspiring and I couldn’t be more excited for Alicia, Randall and the kids.  In fact, you can bet that I will be living vicariously through her.  That’s just what sisters do.


The truth is making such a big change takes money and having money requires some sort of saving strategy so that you can seize on opportunities.

Abby and I are in a similar boat as Alicia.  Each of our families is also looking for our next home.  While we each have different needs in terms of a house, what we do have in common is the need to save, save, save for such a transition.  Buying a new house is so expensive!

So, I am (actually Carlo and I are) saving.  I would say it comes a little more naturally to Carlo than it does to me.  I’m working on it.


There are a few distractions that keep me from saving more money more quickly.  They include Target and online shopping. These are typically my budget busters.  I honestly can’t leave Target without spending at least a $100 on…I don’t even know what.  Extra gummy snacks.  A new throw pillow.  A candle.  I can’t be the only person who has this problem. Also, in addition to saving for the house, we save in our 401K accounts and Matteo’s college account. Then there’s Christmas, birthdays, etc. Sometimes it feels like it’s hard to put money aside for every event, big goal, or dream.

I’ve been looking around for ideas on how to save money “quickly” and decided to share them with you.   Here, for your reading pleasure, are 5 ideas to help you save toward your dreams.  If you have kids, try some of these with them – it’s never to early to learn how to save.  P. S.  Anything written in pink text in the 5 ideas below will take you to that website if you click on it to get the full scoop.  Okay – here we go:

1. Bargain Shop…But At the Right Time Of Year

If you love a good bargain (and I do) then check out this handy guide from Simply Savings for the best times of year to purchase everyday items at a big discount.

2. Start a 52 Week Savings Plan

Setting small savings goals each week can really add up over the year.  On the blog Women Talk, there is a handy chart that outlines a plan to save in increments of $10, doubling the amount each week to save $14,000 over the year.   You can work in different sized increments (anywhere from $1 to $50) based on your financial flexibility.  Visit the Woman Talk blog for the downloadable chart.

3. Challenge yourself with a 12 Week, $1,000 Savings Goal

If you can’t quite commit to 52 weeks (I personally think I need to start small and work my way up to a 52 week dedication), there are lots of other savings ideas to help you get there.  For example, the 12 week saving plan from the blog How Does She.   The 12 week plan provides not only a handy chart for the exact amounts to save each week to save $1,000 dollars by the end of the 12 weeks, but it also has a plethora of ideas for small ways to cut costs to help you accomplish this plan.  Check it out.

4. Give Extreme Couponing A Try


Some people are really good at couponing, which can save you hundreds on food costs. These dedicated folks are called “extreme couponers.” In all honesty, I am not good at coupons.  I never seem to remember them when I go to the store and/or by the time I need to use them they are expired.  Still, if you are into couponing, this is a great way to cut on costs and put that money back into your savings account.  For a description of what extreme couponing is, where to find coupons, and the best ways to save, visit the blog Thrifty Nomads.

5. The Good Old Piggy Bank

This is actually a twist on the Piggy Bank, but if you take a 2 liter bottle and fill it up with dimes, by the time the bottle is full you’ll have about $500.00.  If you want to use your piggy bank, that works too.  And you don’t have to only save dimes.  Just make sure that you actually roll the change so that it doesn’t just sit there as a decoration on your dresser.  For the dime challenge and a few other easy saving  ideas, visit Whoot.



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