There is an old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” and we couldn’t agree more. As moms with families at different stages we are constantly looking to each other, our parents, friends and experts for advise on how best to raise our families to be happy, healthy, productive, and kind.  Let’s be honest folks, the road to get there isn’t always pretty! These pages of our blog will be dedicated to sharing our successful and not-so-successful attempts at family life.

Food is such an important part of our lives, but finding time to eat meals together as a family is a huge challenge no matter who you are or what your schedule may be.  Adding new meals to your weekly menu is essential so that going out for dinner doesn’t become a go-to.  So, every Friday Button Jar will be posting a recipe of the week.  Some recipes are inspired by Pinterest, some from classic cookbooks, and some are handed down through the generations. Recipes we will recommend are tested first by us on our families so that we are sharing options with you that are:

  1. Easy and fast to make
  2. Something that everyone will eat without major complaining
  3. Healthy (with a mix of some special treats!)

Keeping the kids entertained and learning is also something we work on constantly.  Check out our kid friendly page for activities to try with your kids.  We will be featuring ideas for kids activities ranging from infants up through high school.

And we can’t forget our wonderful pets!  They are such important members of our families so you can expect to see some posts about them as well.