July’s Creative Contest…It’s Colorful

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Posted by Abby Branham

It’s a new month and time for another Creative Contest! Since the kids are off from school, for our July competition we’ve picked an activity that both adults and kids can participate in – coloring.

At Button Jar we love celebrating the talent and ingenuity of our friends and family.  This coloring competition is extra special because we had some help from a very talented young woman pursing a major in photography at the Pratt Institute in New York City – Cheyenne Coleman. I met Cheyenne a few years ago when she was a budding artist.  I remember sitting beside her as we perused her first portfolio of photography.  Here she is looking gorgeous and doing what she loves.


We are so pleased that Cheyenne agreed to help us with this competition and to tell us a little bit about herself.  First, let’s show you the coloring page that Cheyenne produced.  Naturally, because it is summer, she went with an image of the beach.  What’s so cool is that she turned one of her beautiful photographs into the coloring page for the competition – see below.

For instructions on how you can turn your own photographs into coloring pages, read the interview with Cheyenne below.  But first, let’s go over the coloring contest rules.

Coloring Content Rules


  1. Download and print Cheyenne’s coloring page (seen above) by clicking on this link – Download Me! Coloring Contest Page.
  2. Get coloring.  Or painting.  Or water coloring. Or pasting on colorful papers. However you like to pretty up a picture – you do what strikes your fancy.
  3. Take a picture or scan a copy of your finished product and email it to us at buttonjar3@gmail.com or submit it to us on Instagram #buttonjarcoloringcontest.
  4. Get us your submission no later than Wednesday, July 27.  We will announce the winners on Friday, July 29.

The Prizes

Well, winning feels good.  So there’s that.  And, the winning images will be shared on the blog, so everyone will see how fantastically creative you are.  And then there will be real prizes:

First Place: $25 Amazon Gift Card, Coloring Book and Coloring Pencils

Second Place: $10 Amazon Gift Card

Third Place: $5 Starbucks Gift Card

Young and Talented in NYC: About Cheyenne

Abby_bubble1Cheyenne, when did you become interested in photography, and what inspired you?

Cheyenne__headshot I became interested in photography when I was about 12 years old and discovered the work of photographer Vivian Maier. Maier was a nanny and, unbeknownst to anyone in her life, a street photographer in Chicago and New York during the 1960’s and ‘70’s. Bins of her negatives and unprocessed film were sold at an auction, which led to the making of the Academy Award nominated documentary Finding Vivian Maier. It was her vintage, elegant portraiture – shot in black and white film- which inspired me to begin photographing the world and everyone in it. At first, I was shooting with a simple point-and-shoot camera found in my desk drawer. It wasn’t until Christmas of the following year that I got my first DSLR camera and began to truly take the art form seriously. From there, I enrolled in an arts high school and was later accepted to Pratt Institute where I study today.

Abby_bubble1What do you hope to accomplish with your photography major?

Cheyenne__headshotAs a photography major, I hope to learn the professional skills and knowledge that I will need to be as successful in the industry as possible. I hope to gain experience working with advanced studio, lighting and camera equipment so that I can build a strong portfolio representing both fashion and fine art photography.

Abby_bubble1I know you are excited to be in NYC where you attend Pratt Institute. Tell us about your experience.  Fill us in on the upsides and the downsides of life in NYC.

Cheyenne__headshotNYC is great! It’s sort of a melting pot for all artists and creative people. There’s always something going on, and when there isn’t, there’s somewhere great to eat! While Manhattan is always buzzing – which is great, don’t get me wrong- Brooklyn, where Pratt is located, provides a relaxing contrast with some more mellow, indie vibes. The combination of the two boroughs makes for a fabulous living environment!


Living in NY is an absolute dream. There’s restaurants, galleries, theaters…you name it! And so many of them that you’ll never be bored. Honestly, it’s known as the “city that never sleeps” for a reason! You can order a pizza at 2 am and get on a train at literally any time (there may be some significant delays after midnight on the G train, but still!). As much as midterm and finals weeks make campus seem like the only world in existence, you really are never isolated from anything. As an artist, I’ve been fortunate enough to be as close as I can get to some of the leading art and fashion studios in the world. This will certainly be an advantage down the road as I apply for internships.


Well, I never like to complain; I’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime. However, I will say that New York is among the most expensive cities in the world. The sales tax alone makes even the simplest of things cost much more than usual. And while it may be convenient to simply jump on a subway to go anywhere in the metropolitan area, MetroCard fares add up extremely fast. Also, there is something to be said for safety precautions. While security and the NYPD is absolutely amazing at keeping our campus and the surrounding neighborhood safe, you do find yourself constantly watching your back anywhere in the city. My advice: Wear a cross-body bag, try to travel during the daytime and, if you can, bring a friend! Don’t be too afraid though, New York is a wonderful place! Just be safe!

Abby_bubble1You were kind enough to create the coloring page for our July Button Jar contest.  You took a photo you had taken when you first started out, and used Adobe Photoshop to make it into a coloring page.  How can I make a photo into a coloring page?

Cheyenne__headshotIt isn’t difficult at all! Simply choose any picture you would like, and open in Adobe Photoshop. Once it has opened, go to Filter > Filter Gallery on the top menu bar. As you scroll through the gallery, you will find a folder of filter options labeled “Sketch”. In that folder, there is a preset called “Photocopy”. Simply select that folder and adjust the “Detail” and “Darkness” toggles until the image looks satisfactory. That’s it! Press “Okay” and Print, your coloring page is complete!

Abby_bubble1Ah, to be that young again.  So fun.  So free. Cheyenne, thank you for your help with this month’s coloring competition and for telling us a little bit about yourself. We can’t wait to see what your future holds!  Button Jar readers, check out some of Cheyenne’s work at www.cheyennecolemanphotography.com. More projects to be added soon!

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